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(Note: For coverage of Friday’s activities at the Michigan Energy Fair, click here. For a photo gallery from the Michigan Energy Fair, click here. For a video up close and personal look at a 1.6-megawatt, 300-foot-tall wind turbine, click here.)

LUDINGTON (WWJ) — Remember this phrase: Community solar.

It may just be the way solar energy finally fulfills its promise of cheap, clean electricity.

The dedication of a new community solar installation in Traverse City Friday was the buzz on Saturday at the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association’s  Michigan Energy Fair in Ludington.

Basically, a community solar installation is a lot like a community garden. A group of people pool their money and labor and enjoy the results.

In Traverse City, the Cherryland Electric Cooperative — later joined by Traverse City Light & Power, a municipality — decided to offer customers the chance to buy a single…

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